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2019 Graduate Student

Yu-Hung Lai

Senior Research Engineer, OEwaves Inc.

2018 Visiting Student

Xinbai Li

PhD, Peking University

2017 Graduate Student

Myoung-Gyun Suh

Research Scientist, NTT Research, Inc.



2017 Graduate Student

Xu Yi

Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

2017 Graduate Student

Kiyoul Yang

Post Doctoral Scholar, Stanford

2017 Graduate Student

Dongyoon Oh

Senior Design Engineer, Rockley Photonics Inc.


     Jiang  Tong_Chen

2017 Post Doctoral Scholar

SeungHoon Lee

Senior Hardware Engineer, Apple Inc.

2015 Post Doctoral Scholar

Hansuek Lee

Assistant Professor, GSNT, KAIST, Daejon, Korea

2013 Graduate Student

Jiang Li

Visiting Associate, California Institute of Technology

2013 Graduate Student

Tong Chen

Associate, McKinsey & Company


IvanGrudinin EricOstby Xiaoshun_Jiang Tao_Lu

2011 Post Doctoral Scholar

Ivan Grudinin

Scientisit, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

2009 Graduate Student

Eric Ostby

Director of Strategy and Corporate Development at Ingram Micro

2008 Visitor

Xiaoshun Jiang

Lecturer, Nanjing University

2008 Post Doctoral Scholar 

Tao Lu

Assistant Professor, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Mani_Hossein-Zadeh Carmon Caltech Icon Bumki_Min

2008 Post Doctoral Scholar

Mani Hossein-Zadeh

Associate Professor, University of New Mexico, Center for High Technology Materials

2007 Post Doctoral Scholar

Tal Carmon

Associate Professor, Technion

2006 Graduate Student

Andrea Armani

Associate Professor, University of Southern California

2006 Graduate Student 

Bumki Min

Associate Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Hossein_Rokhsari Caltech Icon Lan_Yang Tobias_Kippenberg

2005 Graduate Student

Hossein Rokhsari

Venture Partner, Surge Accelerator

2005 Graduate Student

Deniz Armani

Senior Staff Scientist, HOYA Xponent

2005 Graduate Student

Lan Yang

Edwin H. & Florence G. Skinner Professor, Electrical and Systems Engineering, Washington University, St. Louis

2005 Graduate Student

Tobias Kippenberg

Professor, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Sean_Spillane Mark_Brongersma Ashish_Chardwaj Oskar_Painter

2004 Graduate Student

Sean Spillane

Scientisit, Quantum Corporation

2001 Post Doctoral Scholar

Mark Brongersma

Professor, Stanford

2001 Graduate Student

Ashish Bhardwaj

Senior Research Scientisit, JDSU Corporation

2000 Post Doctoral Scholar

Oskar Painter

John G Braun Professor, Caltech

Per_Olof_Hedekvist Ming_Cai Roberto_Paiella

2000 Post Doctoral Scholar

Per Olof Hedekvist

Researcher/Section Manager MTk at SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

2000 Graduate Student

Ming Cai

Member of Technical Staff, Avanex Corp

1998 Graduate Student

Roberto Paiella

Associate Professor, University of Boston

1998 Graduate Student

Guido Hunziker

Vice-President of R&D, Glenair

Robert_Lee Caltech Icon Caltech Icon Jianhui_Zhou

1997 Graduate Student

Robert Lee

Porfolio Manager, New Business Development, Corning Glass Technologies, Korea 

1997 Graduate Student

David Geraghty

Assistant Professor, University of Arizona

1996 Graduate Student

Charles Tsai

Senior Member of Tech. Staff, Hoya Xponent

1995 Graduate Student

Jianhui Zhou

Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Finisar Corporation

Namkyoo_Park Jay_Dawson Steven_Sauders Steve_Sanders

1994 Graduate Student

Namkyoo Park

Professor, Seoul National University

1993 Graduate Student

Jay Dawson

Acting Program Director for DoD Technology, National Ignition Facility and Photon Science Directorate, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

1993 Post Doctoral Scholar

Winston Saunders

Member of Technical Staff, Intel

1993 Post Doctoral Scholar

Steve Sanders

Director, Optical Systems Group at Infinera

Caltech Icon

 Caltech Icon  Caltech Icon  Michael Hoenk

1993 Post Doctoral Scholar

John Lebens

Member of the Technical Staff, Kodak

1992 Graduate Student

Peter Sercel

Vice President, Manufacturing Engineering, HOYA Xponent

1991 Graduate Student

Michael Newkirk

Senior Member of Tech. Staff, Hoya Xponent

1990 Graduate Student

Michael Hoenk

Member of the Technical Staff, JPL